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Dürkopp Adler DA 466-76

DA 466 76 Dürkopp-Adler - Stitcher GmbH - Industrienähmaschinen, HagenNEW heavy duty Zig-Zag machine


It is a heavy duty, one needle lockstitch Zig-Zag machine with bottom feed and large transversal barrel shuttle, longarm version.

Manufactured under highest quality standarts. We can grant a 12 month warranty. The machine is equipped with moving needle cooling and hook cooling. The machine is complete with motor Efka DC 1600.

Stitcher 466-76-12-RDAP 12.860,- EURO

Export price ExW Hagen.

Machine description

Its field of application covers straight stitch, 1-step (normal ZZ), 2-step (one center stitch), and 3-step (two center stitches) zigzag operations in the production of sails, tents and tarpaulins and in leather manufacturing.
The machine is easily changed to the different styles of stitches. Hook, shuttle and shuttle race are simply re-adjusted. The hand wheel is in extra large version.
Tacking within the sewing is possible. The puller optimizes the moving of the material.

Machine data
Horizontal space 720 mm
Zigzag width max. 12 mm
Stitchlength max.10 mm
Stitches/min max. 800
Footlift 14 mm
pneumatical footlifter
pneumatical back tacking
hook and needlecooling
Cams for 1-step and 3-step with each machine.
Needlesystem 794
Needlesize max. nm 230
Threadsize max 8/3/V207
Motor: Efka DC DA 28GA, 230 V new, controlbox Variocontrol 820
New stand and tableplate