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Dürkopp Adler DA 767

Dürkopp-Adler DA 767 - Stitcher GmbH - Industrienähmaschinen, HagenDürkopp Adler 767 FA-373 RAP/HP rebuilt

1-needle alternating transport

Dürkopp Adler 767 FA-273 RAP/HP rebuilt

2-needle alternating transport

Price for a complete machine with stand and motor.

  • Dürkopp Adler 767-FA-373 RAP/HP rebuilt 4.345,- Euro
  • Dürkopp Adler 767-FA-273 RAP/HP rebuilt 6.465,- Euro

Price for the same machines without threadcutting/ tacking automatic but with clutch motor.

  • Dürkopp Adler 467-373 rebuilt 2.765,- Euro
  • Dürkopp Adler 467-273 rebuilt 4.165,- Euro

Export price ExW Hagen.

Machine description

The features solidity, low maintenance construction, excellent sewing appearance and high output are ideal assumptions for light to medium heavy sewing.

This rebuilt machine is made from second hand heads Adler 767 and 467. The machines are worked over and built up completely new. Best quality assured. We grant a 12 month warranty.  The twoneedleversion is available with various needledistances. Please ask

A puller is optional available.


Machine data 767 467
Stitchlength max. 9mm max 9mm
max. 3200 2800
autom. threadcutting: +
autom. bartacking: +
Needlesystem 134-35 134-35
Needlesize 110 - 160 110 - 160
Cutting distance to needle 11,5 mm o. 13,5 mm ---
Binder size div. div.
Threadsize 11/3 11/3
Motor: Efka DC DA 28GA, 230 V new with controlbox Variocontrol 820
New stand and tableplate