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Italiastitch Model C-700


ITALIA STITCH Hand Stitch Machine is the Newest Decorative Hand Stitch Machine from the ITALIA STITCH MANUFACTURING, INC. of JAPAN. This machine is applicable to stitch HAND STITCH on Gents suits, Ladies dresses, Overcoat, Leather coat, Casual shirts & Trousers and with the world standard quality.

Superior Quality Control of this machine is fully supervised in Japan.

Price 15.400,00 Euro


  • Usage: 1-Needle, 1-Thread, Hand Stitch.
  • Stitch style: Pick Stitch, Saddle Stitch, Long/Short Stitch, Short/Long Stitch,etc.
  • Easy operation: Starting is by starting the pedal. By the switch installed in front of the machine, the width of the stitch or normal/reverse can be adjusted on the spot.
  • Thread to be used: Normal Thread.
  • With the design of bearded needle, it is unnecessary to thread the needle.
  • You can just put the thread in the bearded shape with ease and efficiency.
  • The thread tension is done automatically according to the thickness of the thread by the automatic device.
  • As soon as the thread is installed,the thread can be cut by cutting device at the limited distance in between.
  • The speed is adjustable as per your request from 420-500 S.P.M.



Italiastitch C-700  - Stitcher GmbH Industrienaehmaschinen Hagen

  1. Reverse Stitch Button
  2. Half Stitch Button
  3. Stitch Length Adjustment Button
  4. Adjustment Dial for Length of Pin-Point
  5. Reverse Stitch Lever
  6. Adjustment Dial for Stitch Length
  7. Control knob for stitch relaxing device
  8. Stitch relaxing finger
  9. Positive driven top feed
  10. Snap retractable edge guide
  11. Bottom drop feed
  12. The needle eye opened when it is under the throat plate
  13. The needle eye closed while it shuttles through the cloth piles



Model: C-700
Speed: 420-500 spm
Length of Stitch: 0.5-6 mm
Thread to be Used: Normal Thread
Thread Length: 90 cm
Needle to be Used: 780C #18, #20, #23
Electricity: 220V , 1-Phase, 50/60Hz
Compressed Air: 6 bar


Packing specifications

Installation: Ship as Complete Set & Installed
Machine size: 128 x 96 x 86 cm
Packing size: 133 x 113 x 133 cm
Packing method: Exportverpackung, Holzkiste
Net weight : 150 Kg
Gross weight: 260 Kg