Stitcher - Ihr Partner für Industrienähmaschinen seit 1990


Location Stitcher GmbH Hagen OT Hohenlimburglease come to our warehouse in Hagen-Hohenlimburg.

Directory to our warehouse in Hohenlimburg

If you are using the A1,

  • change at Westhofener Kreuz to A45 (Sauerlandlinie).
  • You are driving on the A45 (Sauerlandlinie).
  • Exit Hagen Süd, direction Hohenlimburg.
  • About 4 Km into the valley, turn right.
  • On the left side before the ARAL petrol station is Färberstraße.
  • On the area Färberstraße 4 (old factory building)
  • always turn right to the end, 1st floor.