Stitcher - Ihr Partner für Industrienähmaschinen seit 1990

Welcome at Stitcher GmbH

Used industrial sewing machines and equipment

We buy and sell industrial sewing machines. Constantly we have large stocks of new and used sewing machines, special machines, as well as equipment for cutting spreading and ironing. We recondition second hand machines and automats, provide the relevant service and distribute accessories and spare parts. On request we can offer new machines of every make. Constantly on stock are several models of machines from JUKI, BROTH ER, KINGTEX, SIRUBA, PFAFF, SINGER, DÜRKOPP-ADLER usw.

Because not every model of a second hand machine is always available in large numbers, we offer very cheap new equipment with the Stitcher lable.

In general these are copies of wellkown brands. If interested, mainly for exporting to developing countries, we shall be glad to provide a Cathalogue with price list.